Tour du Ciel with Bishorn

On tour amongst Dent Blanche, Zinalrothorn and Weisshorn.

Region: Wallis, Switzerland
Fitness Kondition
Technic Technik
maximum participants: 5
Prices: 5 persons Euro 1090.-, 4 persons Euro 1290.-

Tour Character

Difficult cross country ski tour in High Alpine territory, mostly on glaciers, demanding steep climbs and ski runs in this impressing Western Alps ambience.

Required Skill and Fitness Level

Skill: You are a good skier, your stem turns are reliable in any snow conditions up to slopes of up to 35 degrees. You don’t mind switchbacks in exposed terrain and carrying of your skis with crampons.

Fitness: 4 to 7 hour climbs per day plus 2 to 3-hour ski runs.

Meeting point: 3927 Herbriggen, Schweiz

Tour Description

The tour of Ciel is a beautiful, lonely skiing cross in central Wallis. It starts at the foot of the Matterhorn, leads to the Val d, Anniviers and continues to St. Niklaus in the Mattertal. We cross monumental landscape: Well known mountains, like Dent Blanche, Zinalrothorn and Weisshorn, accompany us in the course of this 6-day ski tour. The highlight of the week is the ascent of the 4153 m high bishorn.


1. Tag
Arrival in Mattertal to Herbriggen. We stay at the hotel Bergfreund.

2. Tag
A taxi takes us to Zermatt. With the Klein Matterhorn cablecar we reach Schwarzsee. A short tour to the Hirli (about 2800 m, 1.5 hours) previous to the run to Stafelalp (about 2200 m) is ideal for warming up. Then we climb to the Schönbiel hut (2694 m, 2 hours). Overnight stay.

800 m

600 m

5 hours

3. Tag
After a short descent (about 300 m) we climb steeply on the Hohwäng glacier and continue on a moderate slope to the Col Durand (3436 m, 4 hours). Short steep, then over moderate glacier slopes, we ski down the other side. The Cabane du Grand Mountet (2886 m) we reach with a short ascent (about 100 m, 1/2 hour). Overnight stay.

1100 m

1000 m

6 to 7 hours

4. Tag
Beautiful, hilly ski area, at the end quite steep, leads us to the southwest ridge of the Blanc de Moming. On this simple rock ridge we climb with skis tied up to the backpack to the summit (3657 m, 4 hours). Afterwards we ski down steeply to the Glacier de Moming and continue over several moraine ridges to the Cabane d'Arpitetta (2786 m, ascent about 400 m, 2 hours). Overnight stay.

1300 m

1200 m

6 to 7 hours

5. Tag
Beautiful, terraced ski area leads us to below the Crete de Milon (about 3200 m). To cross this barrier, we have to fix the skis on the backpack (2 hours). 500 meters of altitude downhill and another 500 vertical meters climb we still have to overcome to reach the Cabane de Tracuit (3256 m, last 20 m insured with chains, 3 hours). If we still have enough motivation, we climb the Bishorn (4153 m), the highlight of the Tour du Ciel (3 hours). Over huge, north-facing slopes we ski back to the Cabane de Tracuit. Overnight stay.

1000 m (with Bishorn 1800 m)

500 m (with Bishorn 1300 m)

6 hours (with Bishorn 10 hours)

6. Tag
Today starts with a descent on the Turtmann glacier and a moderately difficult ascent to the Barrhorn (3833 m, 4 hours). Now the descent to Turtmannhütte (2519 m) over a steep gully is spectacular. Overnight stay.

900 m

1600 m

5 to 6 hours

7. Tag
Over the Pipjilücke (3050 m, 1.5 hours, possibly with crampons) and the Jungtaljoch (3220 m, 3 hours, possibly with crampons) we enjoy powder and firn to the small village Jungen (1970 m). With a cable car we "float" comfortably down to St. Niklaus in the Mattertal. By train or taxi we reach in max. 1/2 hour Herbriggen. Optionally we can stay in the hotel again.

900 m

1500 m

4 to 5 hours

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