Bernese Oberland Haute Route with Finsteraarhorn

The skiable back side of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau

Region: Bernese Oberland, Switzerland
Fitness Kondition
Technic Technik
maximum participants: 3
Prices: 3 persons Euro 1090.-, 2 persons Euro 1590.-, 1 person according to arrangement

Tour Character

High Alpine ski crossing, partly on glaciers. Sometimes technically difficult, long and steep climbs and ski runs.

Required Skill and Fitness Level

Skill: You are a good skier; your stem turns are reliable in any snow conditions up to slopes of 35 degrees. You don’t mind switchbacks in exposed terrain and carrying of your skis with crampons.

Fitness: 5 to 7 hour climbs per day plus 2 to 4-hour ski runs.

Tour Description

On the night of the arrival, we will be impressed by THE massive and steep Eiger Northface (Nordwand). This does not look skiable at all! Well, wait until the next morning – we will ascend the Jungfraujoch riding the world famous train. And on top you will realize: this an Eldorado for ambitious ski climbers. Vast glaciers, in deep eroded valleys and prominent peaks shape the other side of the Berner Alps. Our crossing will lead us through almost endless snow fields, steep ravines, and wide saddles.
The path runs from the Jungfraujoch over the Fiescherhorn to the Finsteraarhorn hut. The next day, the first “bang” awaits us: we climb the Finsteraarhorn, the highest mountain in the Bernese Alps with its 4274 m summit height. The next day we continue to the Konkordia hut. It should also be a summit today: we are considering the beautiful ski mountain Weissnollen, or the longer variant over the Wannenhorn.
The finale leads us in the direction of the Hollandia hut and the north-west midday horn. In good conditions we can descend from its summit directly over the steep Anung glacier into the Lötschental.


1. Tag
Journey to Interlaken. We take the Jungfrau Railway to the Kleine Scheidegg and stay overnight at the Hotel Bahnhof.

2. Tag
With the Jungfrau Railway we continue to the Jungfraujoch. The subsequent ascent to the Mönchsjoch is short (3624 m, 1/2 hour). Then we ski over the vast glacier area of the Ewig Schneefeld. The following ascent to the Fieschersattel is steep and requires our full concentration (3923 m, 2.5-3 hours). The Kleines Fiescherhorn (4025 m), we reach from the saddle in less than an hour. The descent to the Finsteraarhornhütte leads us between bizarre peaks and over impressive glaciers down to the Fiescher glacier. Last but not least, we have to motivate ourselves for the short ascent (about 100 m, 1/2 hour) to the hut (3048 m).

1000 m

1300 m

6-7 hours

3. Tag
With its 4274 m, today is the highest peak of the Bernese Alps, the Finsteraarhorn on the program. Since we spend the night at Finsteraarhornhütte, we can tackle it with our daily luggage. With many quick turns it starts immediately from the hut. About halfway, at the "Frühstücksplatz" we take a break and fill up with energy for the way. After a steep climb, the Hugi saddle, our ski depot, is reached (4088 m, 3.5 hours). In easy climbing we reach the summit (4274 m, about 1.5 hours, descent to the ski depot about 1 hour). Along the ascent route we ski to the hut.

1200 m

1200 m

6-7 hours

4. Tag
The "cosiest" day: enjoyable ascent to the Weissnollen (3590 m, 3 hrs, option for fit climbers: Wannenhorn, 3906 m, 4-5 hrs). After the descent over its broad eastern slopes and another ascent, we cross the Grünhorn pass (3279 m, 2 hours). Over the Grüneggfirn we ski down towards the Konkordiaplatz, whereupon we gather again to climb over the "ridiculous" 478 steps to the Konkordiahütte (2850 m, about 1/2 hour).

1000 m

1300 m

6 hours

5. Tag
A long tour to finish: We climb over the Konkordiaplatz and the Aletschfirn on the Mittaghorn (3892 m, 5 hrs.). If the conditions are good, we dare the descent on the Anengletscher into Lötschental, otherwise we take the "cozy" variant over the Lötschenlücke. In good snow conditions we can ski down to the Fafleralp (1760 m). The last piece down to the village "Blatten" we carry the skis on the backpack. By bus and train we return to Interlaken.

1100 m

>2000 m

8 hours

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