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Who is behind Firngrat?

My name is Michael Schuh, born in 1971, living in Tyrol, Austria. More about me.I admired the mountains as a child. My fascination with everything steep and high has grown steadily since then … until one day during my student days I decided to turn my hobby into a profession.Philosophy and company foundationI have been a certified mountain and ski guide and snow sports instructor since 1997. I soon had the idea of becoming independent and starting my own small business. One day, in the summer of 2007, when I was guiding the wonderfully curved line of the Lyskamm in the Valais Alps, I got the idea: yes, Firngrat should be called my little – as I call it – noble company. I founded the alpine school in 2008 and since then have run it together with a small group of my closest colleagues.We mountain guides love our work, the mountains and nature. Our goal was and always is to offer our guests something special – and we don’t necessarily mean superlatives. The guest should feel comfortable and safe with us and take home beautiful, unforgettable experiences, the memories of which give them strength and energy in everyday life.We offer a small but nice program on our website. With us you can go on ski tours, freeriding, rock and ice climbing, classic mountaineering and much more. We are mainly on the road in the Alps, but also worldwide. We offer a fixed summer and winter program.You can of course also book us for a tour of your choice. Do you want to climb the Grossglockner, climb a wall in the Dolomites, climb the Piz Bernina via the Biancograt, cross the Weisshorn or the Matterhorn or climb the Mont Blanc? We organize your special tour for you. Just send us a non-binding inquiry.

Tour reports

Zufallhütte, 20.-25.03.2016

The spaciousness of the Ortler-Cevedale Group.

Ice climbing course I, Pitztal, Jan 4th-6th 2018

Thanks to the cold in December, the Pitztal icefalls were able to build up very well and withstood the heat surge at the beginning of 2018. The Lubisbodenfall in Stillebach, the Kitzgartenschlucht at Wiese and last but not least the Fallebachfall…

August 3rd 2019: Salbitschijen South Ridge

It is a logical line that leads over the south ridge on the 2981 m high Salbitschijen in Uri Land. In about 20 pitches you climb the imposing granite obelisk, taking advantage of splendid cracks and dihedrals, climbing over rough slabs, proceeding…

July 28th to 31st 2019: Granite Climbing - Pizzo Badile Northeast Face

So powerful, aloof and smooth, it appears to the viewer: the northeast face of Pizzo Badile in Bergell. It is all the more astonishing that the first-time climbers have found their way through this seemingly unstructured bulwark of compact granite.…

March 17th-22nd 2019, Dolomites Haute Route

In this classic across the "fairy tale landscape", which was not marked by snow at the time of the tour, the "weather god" gave us 30 cm finest "champagne powder" just at the right moment (namely on the first day of the tour). The white splendor…

April 7th-13th 2019, Classic Haute Route

Once again from Chamonix to Zermatt - I have often been able to accompany clients from the Mont Blanc Group into the heart of the Valais Alps. It never becomes routine; on the contrary, conditions change, mountains change their face - it is…

April 14th-20th 2019, On Backcountry Skis across the Dauphine

Incredible weather luck we had at this year's Dauphine crossing. Both ascents and descents are steep and demanding. The firn is a must here, because if the snow is too hard, many downhills are almost impossible. Also too much snow is suboptimal;…

Weisshorn North-Ridge, July 31st 2018

What a mountain! The line of the north ridge, which can hardly be surpassed in boldness and elegance, runs razor-sharp to its highest point. An opportunity to climb this line is not very often; only when the rocks are clear of snow, but the…

Matterhorn, 5th of August 2018

Once again a beautiful summit experience with a happy guest on the Matterhorn. The pictures speak for themselves.

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