Summits of the Mischabelgruppe

Demanding climbs to five 4000m peaks between Matter- and Saaser Tal.

Region: Valais, Switzerland
Fitness Kondition
Technic Technik
maximum participants: 1
Prices: Euro 2400.-
Included: Organization, bookings and guiding by a state approved mountain and ski guide, guide’s expenses.

Tour Character

Medium difficult to difficult 4000m peaks. Snow couloirs, exposed snowy ridges and steep snowy faces in combination with medium difficult to difficult rock climbing.

Required Skill and Fitness Level

Skill: You should be safe and comfortable on crampons even in very exposed terrain like snowy, narrow edges. A few short sections will be as steep as 55 degrees. Efficient and easy rock climbing up to level III or IV-.

Fitness: Up to 10 hour climbs per day (see tour itinerary).

Meeting point: Busbahnhof, St. Niklaus VS, Schweiz

Tour Description

We start our tour with the medium difficult Nadelgrat, the climb is already demanding. The entry couloir requires quite a bit of leg muscle power. After a long working day we can log three 4000 m peaks: Dürrenhorn, Hohberghorn and Stecknadelhorn. Next day’s climbing will be steeper, more exposed and more difficult. We are headed to the Lenzspitze and the Nadelhorn – just the right progression! Any ambitioned 4000m peak climber should have experienced!


  • Number of participants: 1 per guide.
  • Services included: Organization, bookings and guiding by a state approved mountain and ski guide, guide’s expenses.
  • Services excluded: half board and overnight on the huts for guest and guide.
  • Accomodations: BordierhütteMischabelhütte.
  • Misc: Insurances (accident, travel cancellation) at customer’s responsibility. Please refer to general terms and conditions.

1. Tag
Treffpunkt in St. Niklaus am Bahnhof, mit Bus nach Gasenried, gemeinsamer Aufstieg zur Bordierhütte.

2. Tag
Besteigung des Nadelgrates über Dürrenhorn, 4035 m, Hohbärghorn, 4219 m und Stecknadelhorn, 4241 m. Abstieg zur Mischabelhütte.

3. Tag
Besteigung der Lenzspitze, 4294 m, über den Ostgrat (bis UIAA IV-) oder, je nach Verhältnissen, über die Nordostwand (490 m Wandhöhe, durchschnittlich 50°). Übergang zum Nadelhorn, 4327 m, (bis UIAA III+), Abstieg zur Bordierhütte.

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