On Touring Skis across the Dauphine

At the Southernmost 4000m Peak of the Alps.

Region: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
Fitness Kondition
Technic Technik
maximum participants: 4
Prices: 3 persons Euro 1590.-, 4 persons Euro 1290.-
Included: Tour organization, reservations, guiding by a state approved mountain and ski guide including his expenses. Car and cost sharing for the journey to and from the starting point required.

Tour Character

High Alpine ski crossing, mostly on glaciers. Technically difficult, long climbs and ski runs in absolutely stunning western alpine terrain.

Required Skill and Fitness Level

Skill: You are an excellent skier, your parallel and stem turns are reliable in any snow conditions up to slopes of 40 degrees. You don’t mind switchbacks in heavily exposed terrain. Frequent Carrying of your skis in slopes of 40 degrees with crampons.

Fitness: 5 to 9 hour climbs per day plus 2 to 3 hour ski runs.

Meeting point: La Salle des Alpes, Frankreich

Tour Description

Are there really high mountains? We have been driving south for so long, leaving Turin far behind us and heading the Italian-French border. And there they are: at the summit of the Col de Montgenèvre a mighty granite mountain rises, surrounded by a wreath of limestone mountains. The further we get into it, the higher its flanks, the more bizarre its peaks and glaciers. We follow an ingenious way over steep ravines, lonely valleys, wild glaciers and high peaks – a fantastic ski crossing, which is worth the long journey.


1. Tag
Journey to the Dauphine Mountains. Due to the long distance, carpooling makes ecological and economic sense. Our meeting point is at 6 pm at the Chalet des Touristes hotel in La Salle des Alpes.

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With the hotel taxi we go to the ski resort to la Grave. From there we take the cable car to the Col de Ruillans, 3211 m. Then we climb to the Col de la Girose, 3514 m. The following descent leads over a steep gully to the Glacier de la Selle. By means of a short ascent we now pass the Breche du Rateau, 3235 m, from which we reach an impressive descent into the Val des Etancons. We stay at Refuge du Chatelleret, 2232 m.

400 m

1400 m

3-4 hours

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A steep ascent to the Col du Clot des Cavales, 3483 m, opens the incomparably beautiful descent over the Glacier des Cavales to the next hut, the Refuge Alpe d'Arene, 2077m.

1200 m

1400 m

5-6 hours

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A first summit is on the agenda today: the 3765 m high Grand Ruin, which we reach via the Val Agneaux. The descent takes us to the Refuge Adele Planchard, 3169 m, where we spend the night.

1700 m

600 m

6-7 hours

5. Tag
Today we start with a descent into the Val d 'Agneaux to about 2300 m, to ascent on the other side over the steep Glacier d' Agneaux up to the Col Emile Pic, 3483 m. Beyond this transition, we briefly rappel and enjoy the turns down to the Refuge des Ecrins, 3175 m.

1100 m

1200 m

5-6 hours

6. Tag
A short descent in the light of our headlamps leads us to the Glacier Blanc. From there we start the initially flat, later steep ascent to the Dome de Neige, 4015 m. An impressive descent takes us across the entire Glacier Blanc to the hut of the same name (Refuge Glacier Blanc, 2550 m).

1000 m

1500 m

5-6 hours

7. Tag
The last ascent of our Dauphine crossing takes us to the Col du Monetier, 3339 m. An eternally long, beautiful descent through the Vallon du Grand Tabuc now joins. Once at the bottom, a taxi will take us back to the hotel. Optionally, we can spend the night there again or we can start our journey home immediately afterwards.

800 m

bis zu 1800 m

5 hours

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