Around Ortles – Cevedale and Königsspitze

On Top of the „King’s Head“

Region: Ortles Alps
Fitness Kondition
Technic Technik
maximum participants: 3
Prices: 1 person Euro 1300.-, 2 persons Euro 740.-, 3 persons Euro 500.-

Tour Character

High Alpine ski tour, partly on glaciers. Technically medium difficult to dificult, climbs and slopes up to 40 degrees.

Required Skill and Fitness Level

Skill: You are an excellent skier, your parallel and stem turns are reliable in any snow conditions up to slopes of 40 degrees. You don’t mind narrow turns in exposed terrain. Carrying of your skis in slopes of 40 degrees with crampons.

Fitness: 4 to 6 hour climbs per day plus 2 to 3 hour ski runs.

Meeting point: Sulden Solda 39029 Bozen, Italien

Tour Description

From the peak of the easily accessible Cevedale, you can see it already: the steep slope from the Königsspitze. In order to enjoy the 40 degree east face downhill, we have to get up early. Chances are we will get rewarded with a perfect firn field in the morning sun.


  • Number of participants: 3 max per guide.
  • Services included: tour organization, reservations, guiding by a state approved mountain and ski guide.
  • Services excluded: 2 alpine hut accommodations, cable car fees, food, drinks and transfers.
  • Accommodations: Schaubachhütte, Pizzinihütte.
  • Misc: Insurances (accident, travel cancellation) at customer’s responsibility. Please refer to general terms and conditions.

Day 1
Individual arrival, meeting point at 15:30 at the valley station of the cable car to the Schaubachhütte in Solda. By means of the cable car to the Schaubachhütte (2581 m), overnight stay.

Day 2
Climb to Monte Cevedale (3769 m), run to the Pizzini hut (2706 m).

1200 m

1000 m

5 to 6 hours

Day 3
Early in the morning we start on the Königsspitze, 3851 m. First over gentle terrain, later steeply our route leads us to the Königsjoch, 3293 m. There we deposit the skis or tie them in good snow conditions on the backpack. With crampons we manage the steep climb to the summit. After a break with an impressive view of the north face of the mountain, we gather for the descent. A safe ski technique is required in the steep eastern flank of the Königsspitze. If we have mastered this "challenge", however, the ascent to the Langenferner pass is a "relaxation exercise". From there (after an optional stop in the Casatihütte) we reach via the Eissee pass our starting point Solda.

1500 m

2300 m

7 to 8 hours

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