Haute Route “easy”, Chamonix – Zermatt

The simple variant of Chamonix to Zermatt.

Region: Valais, Switzerland
Fitness Kondition
Technic Technik
maximum participants: 6
Prices: 4 persons Euro 1350.-, 5 persons Euro 1090.-, 6 persons Euro 930.-

Tour Character

High alpine ski crossing in mostly glaciated terrain. At times technically difficult climbs, but mostly simple ski terrain in impressive Western Alpine ambience.

Required Skill and Fitness Level

Skill: You are a good skier, your stem turns are reliable in any snow conditions up to slopes of 35 degrees. You don’t mind switchbacks in exposed terrain and carrying of your skis in slopes of 40 degrees with crampons.

Fitness: 4- to 6-hour climbs per day plus 1- to 2-hour ski runs.

Tour Description

The slightly simpler “sister” of the Classic Haute Route. The stages are not very long, sometimes we use lifts to shorten the climbs. However, the Haute Route “easy” is no less beautiful than the “Classic” and, like that, is one of the great Western Alps crossings.

Experience on this tour the diverse landscape and the French flair from the Haute Savoie to the Romance Valais and enjoy unforgettable impressions with the view of the highest peaks of the Alps.


1. Tag
We travel to Martigny in Switzerland (ideally by public transport). By train or by carpool we continue to Argentiere in France. We stay at the hotel "La Couronne" or "Le Dahu".

2. Tag
With the cable car we reach the summit of the Grand Montets (about 3300 m). An impressive descent takes us to the Glacier d' Argentiere (about 2400 m, 1 hour). The first few meters of the following ascent to Col du Passon are initially very steep (moraine flank, about 50 m with skis on a backpack), but consequently run in a well-graded terrain to the final snow couloir (about 40 degrees, crampons required). This leads directly to the pass (3028 m, 3 hours). It follows a descent on the Glacier du Tour to the Refuge Albert 1er (2706 m). Overnight stay.

800 m

1300 m

5 to 6 hours

3. Tag
We take a day trip on the Petit Fourche (3512 m, 3h) and pass the border France - Switzerland on the Col du Tour (3280 m). In front of us opens the wide glacier area of the Plateau du Trient. This is crossed and we ski down in the face of impressive Seracs to below the Col des Ecandies. A short, steep ascent leads us to the latter gap (2793 m, 1 2 hours). The following descent takes us through the idyllic Val d' Arpette to Champex (1500 m). By taxi transfer we arrive to Le Chable, by cable car we get up to Les Ruinettes (2192 m) in the ski resort of Verbier. A final climb leads us to the Cabane Montfort (2457 m, 1 hour). Overnight stay.

1000 m

up to 2100 m (depending on the snow conditions)

6 to 7 hours

4. Tag
Over the Col de la Chaux (2940 m) and the Col de Momin (3000 m), we reach the summit of Rosablanche (3336 m, 4 hours). A beautiful descent over the Glacier de Prafleuri leads to the homonymous Cabane (2657 m). Overnight stay.

1100 m

900 m

5 hours

5. Tag
Across the Col des Roux (2804 m, 45 min) and La Barma (2458 m) we cross to the south end of the Lac de Dix (about 2300 m, depending on the water level, 1 to 1.5 hours). Via a steep slope ("Pas du Chat") we climb with many narrow turns up to the moraine of the Glacier de Cheilon and continue to the Pas de Chévres (2855 m, last 50 m insured with ladders, about 2.5 hours). From this pass we can enjoy a relaxed descent to Arolla (2006 m). Overnight at hotel.

700 m

1300 m

5 to 6 hours

6. Tag
Today we have the ascent to the Col de Bertol before us (3268 m, 4-5 hours). Once at the top, we can perhaps make a short detour to the Dents de Bertol (about 3500 m, 1 hour). Back at the Col we deposit our skis and "do" the short climb on ladders to the Cabane de Bertol (3311 m, 15 min). Overnight stay.

1400 m

max. 300 m

5 to 6 hours

7. Tag
A short descent and a climb over the Glacier du Mont Minè leads us to the Tete Blanche (3710 m, 2-3 hours). In the face of Dent d' Herens and Matterhorn we experience a fantastic, long descent over the Stockji and the Zmutt glacier to Stafelalp (about 2200 m) or (if possible) to Furi or Zermatt (2-3 hours). In the first case we take the cable car or an e-taxi to Zermatt. By train we can easily return to Martigny.

500 m

up to 2100 m

4 to 6 hours

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