Sonnenwand, Olperer and Großglockner – Tours in Tirol, June 2018

At the beginning of the summer season 2018, thanks to the goodwill of the weather god, I led these three beautiful tours in my native Tyrol:

Vordere Sonnenwand, 3159 m, in the Stubai Alps: This beautiful peak flanks the left side of the Gleirschtal in the northern Stubai Alps. Known primarily as a ski touring paradise in the greater Innsbruck area, this idyllic valley with the north ridge on the Vordere Sonnenwand offers a varied, challenging and lonesome high-altitude tour. The wonderfully located and excellently run Pforzheimer Hütte was our starting point.

Olperer, 3476 m, Zillertal Alps: Immediately afterwards I went to the Zillertal valley in Schlegeis. It followed a relaxed climb to the Olperer hut where my next guest expected me. After an excellent dinner – the team of the hut can only give my highest praise – I sank into deep but short sleep, to start the next morning at 5 o’clock with my guest to the Olperer. As a climb, we chose the southeast or “Schneegupf” ridge. After a few meters of altitude over hard and grippy old snow was followed by entertaining climbing in solid Zillertal gneiss. Despite rising clouds and fog on the ridge, the summit gave us fleeting sunbeams and a short but grandiose panoramic view.

Großglockner, 3798 m, Hohe Tauern: After a break I started to the highest mountain in Austria. The normal route starting at the Stüdlhütte was the wish of my guest. The weather had changed fundamentally since the Olperer: instead of sultry, tempestuous air, the current came – starting from a low-pressure complex over Poland – from the northeast. Strong, cold wind, some “icing sugar” overnight and clear air brought us this weather. In the best conditions and excellent visibility we were able to shake hands at the highest point in Austria.