Grand Tour du Tyrol

“Skiplus” from the Ziller Valley to the Reschenpass

Fitness / Technic: 33
Dates:March 17th to 21st, March 24th to 28th, April 15th to 19th
Prices:4 persons Euro 620.-, 5 persons Euro 530.-, 6 persons Euro 450.-

Haute Route “easy”, Chamonix – Zermatt

The simple variant of Chamonix to Zermatt.

Fitness / Technic: 44
Dates:April 7th to 13th, April 14th to 20th, April 21st to 28th
Prices:4 persons Euro 850.-, 5 persons Euro 790.-, 6 persons Euro 720.-

Rockclimbing in Arco

Getting into the vertical

Fitness / Technic: 22
Dates:October 26th to 28th, October 29th to 31st, November 1st to 3rd
Duration:3 days
Prices:4 persons Euro 295.-, 3 persons Euro 385.-, 2 persons Euro 575.-

Rock Climbing Basic course in the Achensee region

Learning the basic abilities for rockclimbing.

Fitness / Technic: 22
Dates:May 19th-May 21st, June 1st-June 3rd, July 6th-July 8th, Sep 14th-Sep 16th: 4 free, Sep 21st-Sep 23rd, Sep 28th-Sep 30th
Duration:3 days
Prices:from Euro 340.- up

Summits of the Mischabelgruppe

Demanding climbs to five 4000m peaks between Matter- and Saaser Tal.

Fitness / Technic: 55
Dates:on request
Prices:Euro 1740.-

On Backcountry Skis across the Dauphine

At the Southernmost 4000m Peak of the Alps.

Fitness / Technic: 55
Dates:April 1st to 6th
Prices:from Euro 875.- up

Mönch and Jungfrau – What a view from the Northern Berner Alps

Famous summits of the Berner Alps

Fitness / Technic: 43
Dates:on request
Prices:2 persons Euro 890.-, 1 person Euro 1490.-

Weisshorn – secret Queen oft the Valais Alps

The second highest Swiss “inland peak”.

Fitness / Technic: 55
Dates:on request
Prices:Euro 990.-

Matterhorn – Mountain of the Moutains

One of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Fitness / Technic: 55
Dates:on request
Prices:Euro 1150.- plus expenses (Hörnlihütte ca. CHF 150.- + cable car ca. CHF 48.-!)

The most beautiful „Ladder to the Heavens“ – Biancograt

Between Heaven and Earth to the highest peak of the Eastern Alps.

Fitness / Technic: 55
Dates:on request
Prices:Euro 1020.-

In late Summer and Fall to the Großglockner

Climbing Austria’s highest Peak during the quiet Off-Season.

Fitness / Technic: 33
Dates:on request
Prices:main route from Euro 220.- up (min. 3 persons); other ascents by arrangement

Skitouren in the Sellrain Valley – Alpengasthof Praxmar

The Sellraintal, an eldorado for ski alpinism in the Stubai Alps in the heart of Tyrol.

Fitness / Technic: 33
Dates:March 9 to 11, March 16 to 18, March 23 to 25
Prices:4 persons Euro 480.-, 5 persons Euro 415.-, 6 persons Euro 370.-

Ice Climbing Course I – Beginner

Your first experiences in steep ice.

Fitness / Technic: 23
Dates:Dec 28th-30th: booked up, Jan 04th-Jan 06th: booked up, Jan 11th-Jan 13th: 5 free, Jan 18th-Jan 20th: booked up, Jan 25th-Jan 27th, Feb 1st-Feb 3rd: 5 free
Duration:3 days
Prices:from Euro 280.- up

Dolomiten Haute Route

The only way to get to know the Dolomites is by crossing them on skis.

Fitness / Technic: 44
Dates:March 11th to March 16th, March 18th to March 23rd
Duration:6 Tage
Prices:from Euro 640.- up

Avalanche Awareness Course

Learn how to handle with critical avalanche situations

Fitness / Technic: 22
Dates:Dec 21st-Dec 23rd, Dec 25th-27th, Dec 28th-30th, Jan 04th-06th, Jan 11th-Jan 13th, Feb 01st-Feb 3rd
Duration:1 evening theory plus 2 days practical experience
Prices:from Euro 250.- up

Monte Rosa Superior – summit parade from the Breithorn to the Nordend

“Catwalk” on the ridge of the Valais Alps – a tour of superlatives …

Fitness / Technic: 54
Dates:July 8th-July 12th: booked up, July 22nd-July 26th: booked up, August 5th-August 9th, August 19th-August 23rd, September 2nd-September 6th
Duration:5 days
Prices:Euro 2990.-

Monte Rosa Classic

Along the crest of the Valais Alps, 9 Four-Thousanders and Pasta for lunch

Fitness / Technic: 33
Dates:July 2nd to July 6th: booked up, July 15th to July 19th, July 29th to August 2nd: booked up, August 12th to August 16th, August 26th- August 30th, September 9th to September 13th
Duration:5 days
Prices:3 persons Euro 990.-, 2 persons Euro 1390.-, 1 person Euro 2490.-